Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive and an auspicious home, right from the entrance of the house to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and courtyard. Vastu depicts that a mirror is an important decor element in the house, as it brings positive energy, growth, health, strength, prosperity and peace to your home. Vastu experts state that a perfect mirror placement can flow good vibes and energy in your place while taking away all the bad and negative vibes and energy. Placing a huge, clear, lustrous mirror is not just for show in your beautiful house, rather it has a crucial functionality of tapping positivity and eradicating the bad negative energies, hence, making your home a safe, positive and vibrant place to live in.The correct functionality of a mirror in your home depends on the positioning of mirrors and the nature of the mirror whether it is concave or a convex mirror. Mirrors should always be placed on the eastern and northern walls of the house and never on southern or western walls.

Points to Remember before Placing a Mirror at your Home :

The Perfect Mirror Placement Matters at Home :

If you have decided to go according to Vastu Shastra Tips for the Perfect Mirror Placement at Home then one must strictly follow the Mirror direction as per Vastu. The wrong placement of mirrors at home can do a lot of harm and attract negative vibes. Do not place two mirrors opposite to each other since they can bring in negative energies in your space. Ensure that the mirror has been placed at a height of around 4 to 5 feet above the ground.

2. Shapes are Important :

Square and rectangular shapes of mirrors are preferable in Vastu Shastra as they spread energies evenly. Oval and circles are not considered the best choice and should be avoided. Although there is no restriction on the size of the mirror to be used, any irregular shape should be avoided.

3. The Reflection and the Mirror Placement :

When it comes to mirror direction as per Vastu, reflection matters. If you have a beautiful view outside your window, then place a mirror opposite that window. This replicates positive energy and the beauty of the view, filling your home with it. If an object or item in the house feels negative, then placing a mirror in front of it will ensure that it sucks the negativity out of it, as per mirror Vastu Shastra. Also, never place a mirror, glass object or any shiny item in front of the main door or entrance of the house.

4. A Clean Mirror is Important :

Always keep all the mirrors of the house spik and span.

The mirror surface should be clean and stainless.

Nothing should be put on the reflective side of the mirror like bindis, stickers etc. Dirty mirrors bring negativity in the house.Vastu Shastra Tips for the Perfect Mirror Placement at Home :1. Mirror in the bedroom :

According to Vastu Shastra Tips for the Perfect Mirror Placement at Home, the Master bedroom of the house should be in the south or southwest direction, which is dominated by earth element. Whereas, mirror is a water element and is associated with instability. As per vastu, it is not preferable to place a mirror in the bedroom as it will interfere with the energies of earth element and create a chaos. You may keep a dressing table with a mirror in your room but, it should not face the bed or reflect the person on the bed. According to vastu, mirror should not reflect the entrance of the room. Also, cover or conceal the mirror when not in use.

2. Mirror in the living room :

Mirrors in the living room are an epitome of elegance and style.

If your main entrance gate opens into the living room of your home, then you must avoid placing mirrors in front of that space or region because the mirror will reflect back the good energy and positivity out of the house. You may put the mirror in the foyer, above a console table that will also add a warm welcoming touch to your home. Further, you can place a mirror on the wall opposite the window in the living room on the North or East wall, to maximise the lighting in the afternoon.

3. Mirror Placement in the Dining Area :

Mirrors can be placed in the dining area, just opposite the dining table, as when the whole family would be coming and eating together all the three times they are being very much reflected in the mirror. As per vastu, this brings prosperity and good health in the family and enhances love and affection between the members. The best mirror for your dining area is a huge mirror attached to a wall and by covering it thoroughly.

4. Mirror Placement in the Bathroom :

Do not forget your bathroom when you are considering Vastu Shastra tips for mirror.

Mirror location as per Vastu should be on the north or east walls in the bathroom. When you are putting up a mirror in the bathroom, make sure to light up the area, as placing mirrors in the darker corners, is considered to be inauspicious. You can place a full-length mirror on the door. Do not place the mirror directly opposite to the toilet. This can increase the negative energy.

5. Mirror Placement in the Safe/ Locker :

According to Vastu Shastra mirror can be placed in front of the locker, this enhances the financial gains. If the locker is inside the cupboard, then fix a mirror inside the cupboard door so that it reflects the locker.6. Vastu tips for mirror placement in your kids room:

One should pay strict attention while placing a mirror in their childs room. Make sure that no mirror is placed in front of the bed in your childs room. Since mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom, this may cause restlessness in your child and increase their stress. Mirrors can also sometimes create strange illusions which can be disturbing for your kid.

Thus, these were few Vastu Shastra Tips for the Perfect Mirror Placement at Home.