Looking for small Mandir/ Temple designs for your compact and cozy apartment interiors that can be accommodated without taking much floor space ? In todays time, majority of the families live in modern flats/ apartments thus, not everybody has ample of space in their homes to especially build a separate Pooja room thus, miniature Mandir designs for small flats are becoming super popular given the space constraints in urban cities.

Also, mandir designs that are stylish and compact in nature and that can serve the same purpose as of a huge mandir room are in vogue in todays time.

Small mandir designs should be modern and stylish according to the home interiors and which can enhance the ambience of the house.


  1. Gods Home in a stylish Wood like Cupboard :

This wooden temple easily fits itself in the corner of your living room without taking much space. This concept of mandir with eye catching doors is super modish. The wood cabinet is an elegant design to keep god idols, portraits, photo frames, and all other Pooja Samagri. The color coordination of the temple is the best match with your drawing area. Don’t forget to pay attention on that gorgeous door design comprising of a leaf like structure. The door just doesn’t add aesthetics to the living room but also allows one to have a sneak peak inside the door.

  1. Use that Corner Space of your House ! :

Why not utilize the extra corner space in your house to build a beautiful, simple and small mandir. A pretty mandir design for small space apartments can be made using floating shelves and hanging lights, flowers, wall hangings.

Decorate and place the enormous God murti on the shelves along with other Pooja items. Decide the mandir color coordination as per the interiors of your home.

  1. Mandir attached to a Wall :

Wall mounted mandir design ideas to consider for every tiny Indian home ! Gives temple feels in your home but in a more compact structure. Bare walls make for a good small flat mandir design. Construct a shelve on a wall at a height and place your small pure white marble Mandap like temple on it. You may colour the wall or put an attractive wallpaper in the background.

  1. Mandir with Jaali Partitions :

Another example of a Mandir design for a small flat or house. Divide your drawing room into two with a jaali partition. One side can be your lavish drawing area and on the other side, there can be a designer and vogueish mandir. The jaali will give a luxurious look and will fulfil the purpose as well. The god idol and photo frames can be placed at a low height on a flat wood table or cabinet with draws. One can just sit on the ground and worship god on an equal height level and can have a straight eye contact with god.

When you say your prayers, the jaali divider offers sufficient seclusion for a small mandir for home.

  1. Carve out Spaces to Build your Mandir :

Carve out spaces in your home to build a mandir in your own unique way. You may build a temple in your drawing room or near the dining area or in the lobby. All you have to do is build a simple cabinet and place a fresh cloth above it and place the deities and make your home mandir on it. Enhance the design with contrasting background, further, decorate the wall by hanging god photo frames on it. This is the best mandir design ideas to consider for every tiny Indian home as it serves two purposes- of a mandir as well as of a cabinet to put inside your other essentials.

  1. Simple yet Artistic Mandir Design for Walls :

Not enough space at your home/ apartment to build a Puja room or to place a compact mandir ?

No problem at all ! Grab any blank wall in your house and attach a simple yet artistic wooden wall -mounted temple of your own choice. This is the best and the- in concepts mandir design ideas to consider for every tiny Indian home these days. Place this mini, portable mandir with draws and enhance the beauty and the ambience of your home. Decorate the mandir with gold LED lights and place other auspicious puja essentials in it. This style of mandir is super convenient, whenever passing by, one can pray and take blessings of god.

These are few examples of simple yet beautiful, modern, and compact Mandir Design Ideas to Consider for Every Tiny Indian Home.